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 Many players already have caught on and commented on the excellent tone and outstanding value that Moen offers. In a short amount of time in the markets around the world, Moen continues to wind up in the hands of Studio and working musicians alike. Great Modulation and Drive Effects along with outstanding support accessories like the GEC COMMANDER series effects switchers and Loopers for you to find a "tone of your own".  Most all of the effect line have true Analog design producing a very warm and punchy tonal response. All units feature a total metal enclosure and True Bypass switching to ensure Moen will interact well in with your existing effects set-up.

Look for the Buzz to continue to grow .......

 From the famous Shaky Jimi Vibe/Chorus.

 To the  feisty  Fuzz Moo  Fuzz.

 To the mighty  UNI-COMP   Bias Control Compressor, and the versatile  Buffalo(EQ, Booster, DI, Headphone Amp+ Amp sim) along with many others.........

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A little Moen History: 

MOEN Effects was set up in 2005. At the very beginning Moen promoted completely handmade guitar effects under the CFX label which received high praise from guitar players lucky enough to snag one. CFX also made "special request" pedals and designs and catered to some pretty well known guitar names. Ultimately, pedals made by hand could not satisfy the rapid growing demand any more, therefore from early 2005 CFX joined with MOEN and built a new production line. The pedals produced on this line are originated from the original CFX circuit design, maintaining the outstanding tone, and keeping the distinct enclosure and surface process. After 4 years marketing, MOEN has become a leading International producer of guitar effect pedals and the buzz on these are growing. By participating in all major International Exhibitions,they attracted overseas customers from North America, Europe and Australia and continue to reach into other countries as well. This space is dedicated to keeping you informed on all things Moen as more players "tune in" to the Moen tone. Look for more updates and product specs as they become available.

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